I live in the Southern of france where there grow lots of wine. It is very dry in the summer, and lots of the other plants are almost yellow. But the wine is still green, because they have roots which goes fare deep into the ground. (Almost 25 meter)  It grows in a soil which have the color of  red ochre, and the contrast of the red and green,  is very beautiful each day to look at  🙂

I have just updated my homepage with a lots of new photos from the nature here in the south of France and paintings I am working on :


Three new paintings





TEACH ME TIGER. 114 x 146 cm. 2008


Computer Art – The Beach Tigers

Computer Art – The Blue Tiger

Computer Art – TEACH ME TIGER

N°13. 15. -29 x 21 cm. TEACH ME TIGER


14. 21 x 29 cm.      16. 21 x 29 cm.        17. 21 x 29 cm. 


Computer Art – Tigers

Uffe Christoffersens nyeste sommerprint 2008

N° 11, 12 13 . – 21 x 29 cm.