Om at holde tigre



Er lige blevet færdig med et nyt PDF-Katalog over de billeder jeg vil gå i gang med. Kan bedst lide at have en arbejdsplan der består af billeder og tekst som udgangspunkt. Derved kan jeg male målrettet med den klare idé som baggrund.  –Hvor billederne skal udstille når de bliver færdige ved jeg ikke ikke endnu. –Man kan downloade mit nye PDF-Katalog 🙂



Denne film med 14 tryk kalder jeg BLACK COMPUTER ART. Det er tryk der er udført på min computer. Trykkene kan ses på min udstilling i Janus Bygningen fra d. 27 oktober til d. 25 november. 



A. TIGER. 55×46 cm. 2012.

New photo from my studio :-)

I just made a new photo for my homepage, from my atelier in Fontareches, France 🙂


Close to where I live there is an ochre pit which has been famous from olden times for its rich seams of ochre – a material whose use as a colour pigment goes right back to the Ice Age cave paintings in the south of France and north of Spain.

I am always inspired by ochre in my painting. The strong sunlight which falls on the yellow or reddish-yellow slopes makes them light up so one imagines that they consist of cadmium yellow or orange. The slopes make a vivid contrast to the cerulean blue of the sky. Dark green pine trees grow all over the ochre pits, and they are covered in a fine layer of ochre dust which is whirled up constantly by the wind, so that the natural colourings of the vegetation are almost lost.

But first and foremost it is the richness of nuances in the ochre material itself that makes such a strong impression. I have found at least 15 different yellow and red nuances.

One day I found a specially shining yellow colour and as there was enough of it, I decided to use it to plaster the walls of the house with.
I got hold of a shovel and drove my estate car into the ochre pits. Here I shoveled as much of the ochre as possible into the car and started the trip home. However I hadn’t got very far before the car gave out a scrunching noise and dropped down on its springs.
At my next trip to the mechanic I was told that the rear shock absorbers were completely shot – “You must have been carrying something very heavy,” he said.

In future I will only collect enough ochre for my painting.


Ochre tiger. 114 x 146 cm. 2012.

Four big tiger paintings in progress.

From the studio. Four paintings in progress.

LEMON YELLOW TIGER. 195 x114 cm.

PURPLE TIGER. 195×114 cm.

YELLOW DEEP TIGER. 195×130 cm.

SCARLET RED. 195×130 cm. You can see more paintings on my homepage 🙂

From the Studio

Now it is weekend, and I have been painting every day since monday. The result  is seven paintings in progress. -Three which are 2 x 2 m. -Two paintings which are 195 x 97 cm. and two which are 195 x 130 cm. I just started with the drawning and put on a thin layer of  paint for a start.

Have just updated my website with new photos. -It’s really fun and nice, so I can show my pictures to others. It is like a “diary” with pictures 🙂

You can see more paintings on my homepage.


Yesterday, I had a visit of one of my friends. When he got back to his home he sent me this funny drawing.


I live in the Southern of france where there grow lots of wine. It is very dry in the summer, and lots of the other plants are almost yellow. But the wine is still green, because they have roots which goes fare deep into the ground. (Almost 25 meter)  It grows in a soil which have the color of  red ochre, and the contrast of the red and green,  is very beautiful each day to look at  🙂

I have just updated my homepage with a lots of new photos from the nature here in the south of France and paintings I am working on :


I have just updated my homepage with a lots of new photos from the nature here in the south of France and paintings I am working on :