The Jungle Tiger –8 watercollor pictures

The watercolor colors I paint with is the pure pigment which I mixe with gum arabic (lat. ‘gum arabic’) and water.
When I make my own colors, I am 100% sure that the colors are clean, without any mixing of additives that weaken the intensity of the colors.

My palette consists of 18 colors: Yellow and red cadmium colors, burnt and natural ocher and umber colors, ultramarine and Parisian blue, 2 green a cold and a warm, as well as three different blacks.

The paper I use is handmade here in France. It weighs 400 grams and is made of Moulin de Larroque.
The paper is made ​​from cotton rags, which is absolutely acid and lignin free to preserve the whiteness.
The finest watercolor paper is still rag paper. It is unaltered through long times been portrayed as handmade paper, which is known by its special edge and also usually the watermark.

01.Tigers in landscape. 31x45 cm. 2013
01.Tigers in landscape. 31×45 cm. 2013


02. Sandokan. 45x31 cm. 2013.
02. Sandokan. 45×31 cm. 2013.


03. Tiger attack. 45x31 cm. 2013.
03. Tiger attack. 45×31 cm. 2013.


04. Tiger. 45x31 cm. 2013.
04. Tiger. 45×31 cm. 2013.


05. Tiger leap. 31x45 2013.
05. Tiger leap. 31×45 2013.


06. Monarch of the mountains. 45x31 cm. 2013.
06. Monarch of the mountains. 45×31 cm. 2013.


07.Tiger attacking. 45x31 cm. 2013.
07.Tiger attacking. 45×31 cm. 2013.


08.Tiger king. 31x45 cm. 2013.
08.Tiger king. 31×45 cm. 2013.