What has a wild tiger got to do with Bach’s music?

Yellow tiger. 114×146 cm. 2012. www.uffechristoffersen.net

Today I am painting a large yellow tiger. The light is good so the brushes are flying. It may have something to do with the music I am listening to: Bach’s Suites for Cello, nos 1, 4 & 5 with Rostropovich. I think with the same strokes as he does when I paint my picture. Powerful and violent strokes. With thick gritty lines. It goes in time with the music. The rhythm keeps its own time. The sound is Bach at his best. 

What does a tiger have to do with Bach’s music? 

Bach is said to have had such a temperament, that people who knew him could relate how they could see a hungry tiger in his eyes when he was composing. A tiger that would break all bounds. It consumed everything it saw, heard and felt. 

In the middle of all that music you could smell raw flesh.