Dear Uffe
:VENUE contemporary art gallery and Øksnehallen hereby  have the pleasure of inviting you to participate with your works at the group exhibition: ART & CLIMATE 09, which will be held in the foyer of Øksnehallens from 12. November – 20. December 2009.
In connection to the United Nations Climate Conference, COP15, in Copenhagen, there will be held a series of conferences about climate in the main room at Øksnehallen.
The exhibition and the respective works/projects will therefore most likely get a lot of attention.
The Aim
As the title states, the purpose is to ask a group of Danish and international, contemporary artists from different generations and with different expressions, to give their interpretation of how they think we can do something positive and constructive about the rapid pace at which the world is changing due to climate change. They should additionally be ideas that aren’t doomsday’s prophecies like the many we see in the news. The ideas should be forward thinking and have a positive focus.
The curator of the exhibition will be Christian Stadil, who is a well-known media personality in Denmark but also the chairman of Hummel A/S. He is involved with climate work within his own businesses but also in official climate projects. In addition to this he is also well versed in the contemporary art world in Denmark and internationally.
Hereby we have a curator, who has expertise and knowledge about climate and contemporary