The Mistrale and the Winter Light

The light in the afternoon is by far the best in my studio. Especially in winter when the sun starts to be lower in the sky. 

The studio has some side windows towards the south, where the sun comes in and illuminates the floor and the white walls. Facing north I have a large glass door 3 metres tall and 2 metres wide. This means that there is constant light all day, but the afternoon sun is however far preferable. 

Denmark and Fontareches are complete contrasts in the winter. In Denmark it is often grey and black. It is a bad light to paint in. 

But in the South of France the cold Mistral wind comes sometimes and blows all the clouds away and gives the sun the opportunity to show itself from its best side and shine with a richness which never hides. A richness of air, space and feeling. 

It blows a couple of times a month for a couple of days with sounds and colours which create the space and light which Van Gogh took so much advantage of. 

The light becomes a little bit hysterical. 

In the winter it becomes even stronger. 

And even more hysterical. 

But it is uplifting and inspiring at the same time. 

You can see the essentials through it and reflect one’s intentions and thoughts in its glow.

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