Raw and Bitter

Have just been out to pick mushrooms, which are to be enjoyed with a good glass of claret. They will be roasted with garlic. Hunting for mushrooms is like painting, a process. It takes place in the back of the mind, where all one’s senses are co-ordinated. You should be able to dissect a mushroom in the same way that one dissects a picture, seek into its flesh. Eating mushrooms is like painting a picture. There is something raw and bitter about it. It has something to do with the smell, the experience. You are close to nature, a part of it. You recognise each other by one’s mutual respect. Know where the dangers lurk. Just as with the tiger picture, which glares at a wrong brush stroke with terrible eyes. It warns you, even though it has only reached my inner sight.

Otherwise it is better to stick with the walnuts and chestnuts.

There are enough of them.

But they are not as interesting as the mushrooms and need no previous knowledge.



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