The Tiger as a Symbol

Tiger 146×114 cm 1997. oil and raw pigment on canvas

The tiger is a fascinating creature.

In many cultures the tiger is a symbol of the warrior because it calls up an image of power and savagery.

It does not have the dignity of the lion, but is rather a perfidious despot who does not know mercy.

It is said that if you see a tiger in your dreams it means that you feel threatened by your own powerful animal instincts.

Sometimes you see the tiger fighting with animals from a lower class, for example with reptiles. In this case the tiger is the top ranking animal in one’s mind, in contrast to cases where it is fighting against an eagle or a lion. In the latter case it merely symbolises the angry instinct which seeks satisfaction in its fight against every superior prohibition.

The meaning of the symbols is always different depending on the creatures in the respective conflict situations.

The tiger has a sly nature. It is not blind as is a bull’s nature. The tiger is more savage than the wild dog, even though the dog is just as badly adjusted as the tiger.

The tiger’s instinct shows in its most aggressive form because the instincts go right back to the primeval forests.

The tiger’s instincts symbolise extreme inhumanity.