My palette


Mongolian tiger. 114×146 cm. 1997. Oil and raw pigment on canvas.


One of the most important things for my painting is the paint. 

I make my own paints out of the purest pigments you can get, mixed with a medium on the basis of linseed oil, which has taken me years to develop and perfect. It is a family secret. 

I take the classical colours as my starting point. 

Cadmium lemon yellow

Cadmium medium yellow

Cadmium orange

Cadmium red

Madder Lake

Ultramarine blue

Cobalt blue

Chrome Oxide green

Natural ochre

Red ochre

Titan white

Ebony black


When one uses the classic colour pigments, each pigment has its own inherent potential or character. One can discover in the pigments the potentialities which suit one’s own temperament. The multiplicity is legion. 

For example when one paints natural ochre into a white, a gold echo comes into being and an intimate sensuality, which can remind one of a tiger’s skin when the sun shines on it. 

It is quite safe to say that most paint colours die a little when they are pre-mixed on the palette. The best thing to do is undoubtedly to mix them directly on the canvas.