Elements of Consciousness


Elements of consciousness/Reflection.
146×114 cm. 1997. Oil and raw pigment on canvas.



I have just put the finishing touches to a front page for the new Corner catalogue for 2007. My first thought was to use a painting on the cover but I thought that the catalogue was almost like a book, an independent entity, which ought to have its own distinctive life. Therefore I chose to make an autonomous cover for the catalogue. 

It’s quite a challenge to make a cover for Corner. The Association is an old group with a rich tradition. It stands for Danish painting dating back to Eckersberg, Købke, Philipsen, Weie and Hartz. 

All of these are painters to whom I am greatly indebted, as I have studied their paintings for the last 30 years. 

Quite by chance I found a lucky-dip in Vejle, which was full of old catalogues from Corner from the last 20 years. That was lucky. The covers gave me an idea of what Corner stood for. The sum total of these covers have resided in the back of my mind ever since. 

I started by drawing several sketches. Threw them away and arrived at the final idea, a motif which I immediately caught on to. A motif that shows tradition and innovation, elements of consciousness for a backward look and a look into the future. 

A tiger motif in more ways than one. 

A tiger looking at its reflection.